My practice is based on traditional techniques put to new uses.
I make scroll drawings and elaborate three-dimensional models
hundreds of feet long, which I then film to produce narrative videos.
Often catalyzed by dreams, the drawings and models depict animals,
humans, architecture and landscapes in charged atmospheres.
Recently I have been incorporating and filming my models and sets
against literal landscapes.

Many of my video works assume a breakdown of the natural order
but also show wildly proliferating new growth from unexpected sources.
Charged atmospheres and hallucinogenic landscapes are offset by the
enduring charm, inventiveness and resiliency of nature. However fantastical,
my work springs from my fascination with the complexities of human nature
and always refers back to human experience, much as fables do.

My works could be thought of as disjointed fables, which maintain a tension
between immanent disclosure and the need for the observer to actively contribute
to narrative resolution.